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Welcome to the new 2016 Africa brochure from Bench International.
‘Rafiki’ is the Swahili word for friend. Visit Africa and you will arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.
One of the most wonderful things about Africa is the people and you will be welcomed with genuine
warmth and a desire to make your Africa experience as enjoyable as possible.
The economic benefits of tourism in Africa reaches those far and wide, including farmers, fishermen
and entire communities through both trade and employment. This is especially so in the more remote
areas where most camps and lodges are situated.
This year we have found you some exciting new properties in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa as well
as Madagascar, which is a brand new country to feature in our brochure.
I am also delighted to announce our new and exclusive ‘Ultimate Africa Air Safari’. I had the pleasure to
be on the maiden trip. I cannot recommend it highly enough, to be able to experience some of the most
picturesque, remote and wildlife-rich areas of Africa. Would that not be the ‘Ultimate Africa Air Safari’?
Lastly, I was very proud that Bench International was selected as finalists in the ‘Best Specialty
Wholesaler’ category at the National Travel Industry Awards. I would like to thank all of the travel
agents who voted for us.
Why not make ‘one day’ today? Africa awaits!
Mike Kirkland