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England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales; the mere mention of these historic and enchanting regions conjures up
captivating visions of centuries-old castles, rolling green hills and cobblestone streets oozing with charm and beauty.
Plus a trip to Europe will stir your emotions and senses like no other place on the planet.
The enchanting romance of France, the rich history of Germany, the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland, the warmth and openness of the Italian people, the graceful Dutch canals, the scrumptious Spanish cuisine, the charming picture-postcard islands of Greece - the list of magical places to see and experience is endless.
Steeped in history, Europe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It offers a tantalising mix of rich culture, dazzling cities, picturesque country villages, stunning coastlines and spectacular mountain scenery.
Whether you’re after an exotic summer escape, a winter retreat, an indulgent five-star experience or a holiday on a budget, Europe will deliver.
You’re biggest dilemma will be picking which place to visit and experience first!